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over the hills and far away, a misty mountain hop. photos by michal karckz

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It was so easy and the words so sweet

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Be Born Again, Dr. Kim

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"I remember on the first day of shooting being struck by the way he smoked a cigarette. We weren’t sure how much he was going to smoke yet, but I had made some comment early on – because he doesn’t smoke and is very healthy – where I said, ‘Just make sure you don’t smoke it like a high-school girl.’ He must have taken that as a challenge because by the first day of filming he was smoking a cigarette like it was a joint." - Cary Fukunaga, True Detective director and producer (x)

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Watching this (and fearing broken ankles with each loop) I can’t helping thinking about that old quote Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, except backwards and in high heels.

But no, if you watch closely you’ll see she doesn’t even step on the last chair. That means she had to trust that fucker to lift her gently to the ground while he was spinning down onto that chair. That takes major guts. I’d be pissing myself and fearing a broken neck if I were in her place. Kudos to her. 

I can’t stop watching this. 

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I want to know why

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No, you don’t understand, I’m a demon.

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Thank you guys SO MUCH! We had a blast. More GIFs to come (we’re going to sprinkle them around your dash all week)

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My first instinct when I see an animal is to say “hello”.

My first instinct when I see a person is to avoid eye contact and hope it goes away.

so fuckin true


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sticks and stones may break my bones

but mads bit hugh and liked it


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